Mesquite Dining Table with Sculpted Base | McNitt Bros. Wood Works

Mesquite Dining Table with Sculpted Base

The clients for this piece asked for a six-foot diameter round dining table that was both dramatic and rustic. The first step was to assemble a series of bookmatched mesquite boards with dramatic natural cracking. Blackened fiberglass resin was used to fill the cracking. To add heft to the one-inch-plus thick top boards, an underside rim was added to make the total thickness approximately two and a half inches. 

 One of the clients spotted a section of a mesquite tree trunk with a burl base that I had had at my shop for several years. She asked if it could be made into the table base and I went to work. Sculpted with grinding and sanding tools, the burl base was set upon a pair of oval shaped mesquite platform pieces to add stability to the whole. The piece is finished with an oil base and several tough urethane top coats.