Mesquite Desk | McNitt Bros. Wood Works

Mesquite Desk

The client for this project wanted a mesquite desk for his home office. He also wanted something unique, not just a massive block of wood.

Collaborating, we came up with a design using spaces between the table top the the drawer cabinets, an arch on the central rear panels and vertical patterns on all the rear panels. Together, these elements give the desk top a nearly floating appearance and generally draw the eye upward, avoiding the heavy, bulky appearance when all the cabinet elements abut the desk top.

The mesquite for this piece was carefully selected and cut so the desk top and all the 18 panels in the base section are bookmatched - made of consecutively cut boards for the top and resawn boards for the panels so that the faces of the panels, like the facing pages of a book, match each other.

The same technique was used for the left and right side drawer fronts. For the center drawer front, I went to a board I'd been holding onto for at least two years, knowing that its dramatic black and yellow marking would be exactly right for the right project. This desk was it.

The drawers run on self-closing slides. The interiors are made of soft maple with dove tail joints.

The desk is 60 inches wide by 34 inches deep and 31 inches high.

Photos of this desk ran with the feature story including Wood Works in the September 16, 2012 issue of the Arizona Daily Star. See my blog on this site for a link to that story.