Cherry Table with Cabinet | McNitt Bros. Wood Works

Cherry Table with Cabinet

This piece is made from cherry with ironwood inlay and rosewood struts to hold the cabinet that houses a small drawer at the top. The design aim is a balance between strength and delicacy, the heft of the whole offset by the lightness with which the rosewood struts hold the cabinet within the table legs. The cabinet is assembled using hand cut dovetails. The interior drawer also features hand cut half blind dovetails. The top and cabinet door are made of single plank inch-and-an-eight thick cherry with an inlay of ironwood, a Southwestern species with an extraordinarily complex grain pattern and a range of coloration from deep black to nearly gold. This piece is approximately 29 inches high, 15 inches deep at the top and 33 inches wide. This is a one-of-a-kind piece, but the design can be adapted to client specifications.