Bedroom Chest Set | McNitt Bros. Wood Works

Bedroom Chest Set

These pieces were made for a Scottsdale client who wanted a modern set of matching bedroom chests in the style of renowned American woodworker and designer George Nakashima.

The case tops are made from two 1-inch cherry planks, one 14-inches wide, the other 4-inches wide. I spent a solid week fashioning the large, handcut dovetails that attach the tops to the cherry sides. Template dovetails are used to join the drawer elements.

The walnut drawers - that feature approximately matching grain patterns between the two pieces - do not have pulls. Instead the drawers open using carved notches. The drawers ride on self-closing slides.

The cases sit atop pairs on recessed walnut runners.

The pieces are finished in a wipe on varnish. Dimensions: 30-inches wide, 18 inches deep and 22 inches high.