Mesquite Banquet Table | McNitt Bros. Wood Works

Mesquite Banquet Table

The clients who commissioned this project had recently moved to Tucson. They love to entertain and wanted a large table that could seat up to 10 people. They wanted the piece done in mesquite, but they also chose ebonized cabriole legs that give the table a lightness of look in contrast to the conventional choice of Spanish colonial or Mexican rustic design that emphasizes heft and weight.

I call it a banquet table.

From a set of 25 boards I purchased in three lots for the project, I selected four bookmatched pairs, each one between 10 and 12-inches wide by 1-inch thick.. The center pair show the most dramatic grain checking filled with a black epoxy. The two pair that flank the center pair show moderate checking, and the outside boards, also bookmatched, are nearly clear of checking. The 3-inch wide boarder boards are entirely free of checking. The effect is to concentrate the most complex grain patterns toward the table's center and then to have them flow out to more moderate and even patterns towards the ends.

The bookmatched boards have tenons cut at both ends that fit into mortise slots cut along the length of the 3-inch wide, 1.5-inch thick boarder pieces.

Dimensions: 93-inches long by 44-inches wide and 30 inches high. The base is finished with ebonized lacquer and the top with five coats of satin urethane.