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Small Tables & Benches

Sapelle and Mesquite Table

Drop corners create a uniquely delicate look and are a Wood Works sculpturing speciality.... See more»

Cherry and Mesquite Bench

Mesquite sculpted like Southwestern sandstone.... See more»

Tavern Table

In 100 years this piece may have nicks and scratches, but it should be as solid as ever.... See more»

Natural Edge Mesquite Table

This piece has an almost amber glow.... See more»

Mesquite Blue Tile Table

An almost unlimited variety of tiles are available for Wood Works tile inlay tables.... See more»

Blue Tile Table in Pine

Mexican tiles are a Southwestern favorite.... See more»

Mesquite Red Tile Table

All that’s missing here are the margaritas.... See more»

Red Tile Table

Hand made tiles in a hand made table.... See more»

Shaker Side Table

Versions of this Shaker design have been made for at least 250 years.... See more»

Cherry and Bloodwood Bench

Bloodwood is a versitile accent species.... See more»

Tool Chest

Variations on this design go back to the earliest days of chest making.... See more»

Turquoise Inlay Benches

Wood Works can custom design an inlay of your choice.... See more»

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