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Sculpted Furniture

Natural Edge Mesquite Table

This piece has an almost amber glow.... See more»

Natural Edge Sofa Table with Sculpted Legs

This piece is a natural edge mesquite table with turquoise inlay and sculpted legs.... See more»

Sculpted Mesquite Side Table with Honey Maple, Ironwood and Curly Cherry

Sculpting furniture is a Wood Works specialty. In this case a combination of mesquite, honey maple, ironwood and curly cherry were used to create a side table.... See more»

Natural Edge Mesquite Coffee Table

A George Nakashima inspired natural edge mesquite coffee table.... See more»

Mesquite Dining Table with Sculpted Base

This mesquite dining table is six feet in diameter and rests on a sculpted base made from a mesquite burl trunk.... See more»

Natural Edge Mesquite Dining Table

Natural edge mesquite dining table with spiral base... See more»

Mesquite Table on Sculpted Base

The heft of this natural edge mesquite table and sculpted base is balanced on seeming points of drop corners.... See more»

Mesquite Table with Turquoise Inlay

“Make it eye-catching,” the client said.... See more»

Drop Corner Table

This piece grows on you over time.... See more»

Mesquite with Wenge Border

A one-legged table? Sure…... See more»

Sapelle and Mesquite Table

Drop corners create a uniquely delicate look and are a Wood Works sculpturing speciality.... See more»

Cherry and Mesquite Bench

Mesquite sculpted like Southwestern sandstone.... See more»

Statement Table

Five woods. One table.... See more»